IED Centro Ricerche

IED Centro Ricerche

IED Centro Ricerche works with companies and students to provide innovative solutions in the fields of design, fashion and communication. IED Centro Ricerche intends to be the center where research and experimentation meet. Our team of researchers, projects managers, designers, communication experts and students has adopted a multidisciplinary approach since 1975.

The philosophy of teamwork, the principles of design thinking and our strong belief in the leading role of the younger generations in creating innovation make IED Centro Ricerche unique. The continuous exchange with professionals with different backgrounds, the culture of research and constant experimentation and creativity help our students understand the present and design the future.

Our partner companies benefit from our invaluable expertise in contemporary society and trends and our commitment to training and innovation. These are the assets that inform our special and research projects, our advanced professional training solution and successful communication strategies.

We design the future, now


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